Blackmagic RAW file sizes

So, my Blackmagic 6k Pocket Cinema Camera arrived a couple of weeks back, and I have been doing some testing with it, and I wanted to share something interesting… The Video sizes are large! Very LARGE. Shooting 6k Blackmagic 12:1 RAW, a 1-minute 4-second video at 30FPS is 5.2GB in size. 2 minute 22-second clip is 11.65GB. The first video i shot with it and posted to Youtube about my Quad 2. [Read More]


So, it’s been a while since I used as an editor… Going to try to give it a shot again for this… Should make posting a little easier…

Installing Cloudfalre Warp on Windows Server

I run Windows Server 2022 as my main OS on GodBoxV3, my workstation. When you try install Cloudflare Warp on it, it installs, but fails to start. The issue is that Cloudflare Warp needs the Wireless LAN Service to be enabled. To enable, from an elevated Powershell Prompt, run

Install-WindowsFeature wireless-networking

Reboot the machine and Cloudflare Warp should now start.

New Camera on the way

I did something a little silly… I just ordered a new Camera… a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. I also purchased a 128GB CFAST 2 card plus a Sandisk Pro CFAST 2.0 Reader. Should be here in the next week or so… 6K video will be interesting. Plus, it uses the same EF Mount lenses I currently use for my Canon 5DS DSLR. More soon on it, plus some sample videos up on the Youtube Channel. [Read More]

Tested Positive

So, it’s been a few days, but I did a new antigen test today and I tested positive… I’m now in lockdown for a week + 3 days where I need to be careful… still not feeling 100% today. going to spend the day watching tv or sleeping…

Covid Is Kicking My Ass

Ok, i say its kicking my ass, but it is defiantly not as bad as some people got it. Its a bad flu. I have had 3 full dosses of the vaccine, so I am as dossed up as i can be. But i still feel like i have been hit by a trail being driven by Mike Tyson. A hot honey, lemon and whiskey drink will hopefully help me sleep… fingers crossed. [Read More]

Next Iphone Wishlist

I have been thinking recently about what I want to see in the next iPhone. I currently have a 12 Pro Max and I am due for an upgrade around December of this year, which means Apple will have released the 14 Pro Max at that stage. So, what do I want to see in it? This is just a random bloke with some ideas… I have no insider knowledge… [Read More]

Hugo Tools

Some quick links to some tools I am using for Hugo.

Initial Post

I have been trying to write quick notes about whats going on in a journal, but 1: I cant read my own handwriting, and 2: It becomes painful to write too much… I do plan on still writing stuff in a journal, since I kind of want my handwriting to get better… its been a LOT of years since I have had to write anything in of any length on paper, but this makes things a little easier for writing quick stuff. [Read More]