Day 101 of 100daysofhomelab

Day 101 of #100daysofhomelab is mostly more work on my Cloudflare Workers stuff… Trying to adapt the edge cache html worker from Cloudflare to work with my Cloudinary Re Writer. looking into building an app for automatically uploading images to Cloudinary based on what is in a markdown file, and then rewrite the URL to use said URL… Actual home lab stuff is checking for updates. I am finished my holidays now, so i should be back mostly in the homelab, so more actual homelab stuff coming in the next few days. [Read More]

Day 100 of 100daysofhomelab

I finally made it! day 100 of #100daysofhomelab and a post about what I have done in that 100 Days! Some Tweet Stats. I got the info from Vicinitas and exported my last 3200 tweets to Excel. Filter based on the tweet including the #100daysofhomelab hashtag and here are some numbers: first, It looks like i have posted 210 Tweets to the #100daysofhomelab hashtag (excluding this one…). first post was on 12 June about getting the FTTH ground works installed. [Read More]

Day 99 of 100daysofhomelab

Day 99 of #100daysofhomelab… and i’m still trying to get Azure AD Sync working… But i did get comments on my blog! I have an on-prem AD which is brand new, and an Azure AD which has been in production since 2012… I have an on prem user and a main Azure AD user, but getting them to sync is not working… Ugh… I keep getting an AttributeValueMustBeUnique Error… I also seem to be getting permission-issue errors… I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR! [Read More]

Day 98 of 100daysofhomelab

Day 98 of #100daysofhomelab and ive been working on Cloudflare Workers stuff and trying to fix my Azure AD Sync. I use Wordpress on my main blog and the AS204994 site with the Cloudinary Plugin for images. I am trying to rewrite the URLs to use a different domain for image hosting. It will do caching of images, saving bandwidth on Cloudinary and hopefully making things faster… So far, not working as planned, but getting closer… I have some (very minor, mostly caching and logging edits) edits to the original Cloudflare Workers code for the Cloudinary Proxy from wesbos. [Read More]

Day 97 of 100daysofhomelab

Day 97 (getting VERY close now!) of #100daysofhomelab and i have been playing with OSPF and AD. Mikrotik released a new update, 7.6beta7 of RouterOS, and 2 of the fixes are: ospf - fixed checksum calculation; ospf - improved logging when invalid configuration is detected; This now allows my OSPFv3 connection to connect! But i am still having issues actually sending routes. More tweaks required. Also managed to get my AD Syncing with Azure AD. [Read More]

Day 95 of 100DaysOfHomeLab

Day 95 of #100daysofhomelab and I have been playing with Proxmox Azure AD Auth. I have been mostly OOHL (Out Of Home Lab) for the day, and ended up driving 358KM and for about 4h34m. Fuel consumption was not too bad, mind you… More driving next week, more messing with homelab when i get home.

Proxmox auth with Azure AD

I use Office365 for email and other bits and pieces, and I have Azure AD included. While digging around the Proxmox interface, I found the option of authenticating Proxmox with Azure AD. So, how do you do it? First, go to and login. To the Azure AD section and, assuming you have an Azure AD setup, select App Registration in the side bar and select New Registration. Next Enter a name for your proxmox application, make sure Accounts in this org directory is selected and enter the url of your proxmox server. [Read More]

Day 94 of 100DaysOfHomeLab

Day 94 of 100DaysOfHomeLab and I have been playing with OSPF, GRE Tunnels, Mikrotik, Bird and ECMP. I got 2 GRE tunnels setup between the MikroTik box and my DEC-IX box (Debian running Bird). OSPF running and announcing stuff over those 2 links, plus the original Wireguard Link. ECMP enabled over all 3 links! IPv4 traffic seems to be sent between the 3 links! IPv6 traffic still only going over the single Wireguard link… I am reading up on OSPF v3 (v2 is for IPv4 traffic) and trying to figure out how to get it running. [Read More]

Day 93 of 100DaysOfHomeLab

Today i have been working on the Active Directory setup for the house. AD01 is running. Getting DNS sorted now and will get AD02 joined soon enough. Next tasks: