Day 115 of 100daysofhomelab

Day 115 of #100daysofhomelab (Updated…), and this is the first real day in the since day 109… Been out of commission due to a cold and back issues… tonight’s post is brought to you by Jameson Whiskey, some honey and hot water…

Some updates:

Hopefully tomorrow i will be back in the land of the living, and will get some more updates done. Next task is to move the rest of my BGP boxes to Bird 2.0… Stay tuned!


My name is Tiernan OToole, and I run my own ASN, AS204994. More details about that over there. I also use Vultr for transit services and HostUs for LIR Services. Check them out. You can also check some of the gear I use on a daily basis over on If you find this stuff useful, you could also Buy me a coffee! Thanks!