Day 109 of 100daysofhomelab

Day 109 of #100daysofhomelab and I have done some tweaks to PipeDream, got some new switches and ordered a new HDMI monitor for my camera…

  • Tweets from my miniblog (this one) get posted to twitter within 2 hours of posting, but they don’t include the #100daysofhomelab due to some issue with Hugo i haven’t figured out. They are posted using PipeDream. So, i tweaked Pipedream to now run a NodeJS script to fix the title to include #100daysofhomelab. The code is simple enough: string.replace(' 100daysofhomelab', ' #100daysofhomelab'). That space in front makes sure if i do ever fix hugo, i wont be putting 2 hashtags in…
  • On a more homelab note, i got my hands of 2 EdgeSwitch 48 Pros. They are non POE, but have 2 10Gb uplinks. both will go in the Cloudshed with a fiber link between it and the house. More hopefully next week!
  • I have ordered an Neewer F100 7 Inch Camera Monitor to attach to my Blackmagic Pocket 6k. Its meant to arrive on Monday, so hopefully that will be timing enough for a video on the Cloudshed!


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