Initial Post

I have been trying to write quick notes about whats going on in a journal, but 1: I cant read my own handwriting, and 2: It becomes painful to write too much… I do plan on still writing stuff in a journal, since I kind of want my handwriting to get better… its been a LOT of years since I have had to write anything in of any length on paper, but this makes things a little easier for writing quick stuff.

So, as my first post, some quick notes:

  • The mammy has covid… or at least it looks like she does. Antigen test came back positive… Mine came back negative, but will do another one tomorrow. My throat is sore, and I have been pretty tired for the last few days… More tests tomorrow.
  • after waiting nearly 6 months, my 2021 Mac Book Pro 16" with M1 Max and 64GB RAM plus 1TB SSD arrived yesterday. It was a BTO and was ordered from the shop back in October… Its a VERY nice machine. Bench marks due on the main site eventually.
  • This site is built with Hugo and written in VS Code. It uses Github for storage and Cloudflare Pages for build and hosting.

Thats enough for a first post. More later…