day 104 of 100daysofhomelab

Day 104 of #100daysofhomelab and not major going on. Back in $dayjob, so busy catching up with that. Some links, news and updates below:

  • Found a VSCode plugin for adding timestamps to files called VSCode InsertDateString. makes adding the time to markdown files easier.
  • Cloudflare have announced a new Zero Trust SIM card. This could be very cool! For me, I am thinking a basic data only SIM would work in the tracker in my car (low data usage). A higher data usage option would be the 4G router in the boot/trunk of the car giving Wifi Access to my Dashcam (you can read more about that here). I wonder what would happen with phone calls and text messages though? Is it going to be data only?
  • Still looking at the hugo migrations page for moving from Wordpress over to Hugo for the main site…
  • And since this is a homelab post, just a note on the whole Proxmox auth with Azure AD: You cant open a terminal when you use that feature… There is probably a setting i am missing, but you will still need to login as root to open a terminal…
  • Also, apt-cacher-ng is working very well. Updated all 3 proxmox boxes today. only used about a third of the bandwidth to do updates!


My name is Tiernan OToole, and I run my own ASN, AS204994. More details about that over there. I also use Vultr for transit services and HostUs for LIR Services. Check them out. You can also check some of the gear I use on a daily basis over on If you find this stuff useful, you could also Buy me a coffee! Thanks!