Day 102 of 100daysofhomelab

Day 102 of #100daysofhomelab and still fighting with my Cloudflare Workers stuff.

  • I though i had added caching to it, but it looks like i broke something. Its writing the result to cache, but not able to read it properly…
  • on the more homelab side of things, just gone though some boxes and checked their update status.
  • want to move all my old docker stuff from my docker vm, aptly named docker to my new new-docker box. or even build a third one. Ideally, chance the names to docker-01 and docker-02.
  • Still wanting to move GodBoxV3 from Windows Server 2022 over to ProxMox. It currently has 2x20 Core Xeon Gold processors, 256GB RAM, 2x512GB NVMe drives in RAID for boot, 5 more 512Gb NVMe’s in RAID for fast storage, 8x8TB HDDs for bulk storage and 2x960GB SSDs for other storage… It also has a Quadro P2000 Graphics card in there.
  • If i get it moved to ProxMox, i could set up TrueNAS as a VM with most of the disks, plus then build a Plex Server with the P2000. More work required.


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